The Big Island hosts an amazing 11 of the world's 13 climate zones. So the good news is, there is something for everyone. One consideration that will effect your daily life & property is elevation. Elevation is easy think of the lower ocean levels being the hottest and the higher you go the cooler it gets. There are not too many properties after 4000 elevation. In the afternoons clouds cover forms around the 1500 - 2500 elevation levels and produces rain. The trade winds blow most of the moderately cloudy days clear again for star gazing.  Most properties will require a bit of extra work with respect to humidity levels. Coastal properties will face other elements like extreme heat and weathering by the sea. On the West side of the island you have dryer areas with more sun & wind. The west is best for sunset viewing. The East side is very tropical with cooler climates and more rain. This area would be best for sunrise lovers. There are many options and I am more than happy to help guide you to your desired areas. 

Short answer yes, The island is divided into nine lava zones. Number 9 being the oldest and least active areas moving to Number 1 being the most active zones. When you purchase a property in lava zones above 3 you typically don't have as many issues with insurance and tend to not face issues with lending. This is why I also advise my clients to get pre-qualifications through Hawaii licensed providers. When you are dealing with zones 3 to 1 you may not be able to obtain insurance and conventional financing. It is important to know that many properties in these zones would need to be purchased cash and insurance in some cases is not always available. Have more questions? Happy to help! 

A: Great question! It can be a bit daunting starting out or looking at your next steps. As a Realtor I am not able to advise on what you can afford however after many years in the business I have connected with dynamic mortgage brokers that can offer you a variety of options. I do not get paid a referral from these brokers they are just professionals that have proven results that I trust.

A: I am located in Kailua Kona, on Hawaii Island (The Big Island). My main service areas include, South Kona, Central Kona, North Kona, North Kohala, Hawi, Waimea, and Waikoloa. I am always happy to connect even if you are outside of these areas.

A: I have created a simple questionnaire on my website www.horizonhawaii.com where I can formulate a comprehensive CMA report. In this report you will also receive other sold properties in the area and information to empower us with our pricing strategy.

A: You are welcome to source and find furnishings and materials. I only ask that you provide these items, details, measurements, and finishes to me as quickly as possible. My goal is to maintain the design you are requesting and to ensure these items are cohesive with the space. Change orders after a certain completion phase will incur an additional expense. I have detailed more on this in the contracts.

A: Interior Design consists of the selection of more permanent finishes such as flooring & countertops. Interior Design may also include when applicable, 2D & 3D renderings, and an overall technical look at the spatial relations & overall function of a space. Interior Staging brings spaces into completion through a selection of soft finishes like curtains, and overall styling items. Both are embodied in an Interior Designers work. We will not leave you in an un styled space however most Interior Designers don’t carry a warehouse of inventory as an Interior Stager would. We work with you in acquiring these items for
the long term vs renting them for the sale of a property.

A: Each project will have a different time line depending on the tasks involved. Once a design proposal is established my team will provide you with an genera scope of work and approximate time frame to compilation. I will provide you with the recommendations to ensure you are informed on the different potential delays involved.

A: Client confidentiality is very important to my practice. If you prefer not to have your work featured please let me know. We will also discuss this in my contracts as to how I use the media generated from projects. Even with approval I will not disclose your name or identity when featuring the property. Only highlights of the property itself. Many of our clients prefer to work under a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

A: Yes! I am proud to say I have built relationships with some of the best local artists, craftsman, installers, suppliers, & professionally licensed trades. I am confident I can work with anyone you have in mind however I prefer to work with the trusted trades I know to
ensure we stay on point.

A: Yes, I work with both. I am happy to help you find your dream home, renovate it and move your items in if needed. Our team provides a full “turn key” service. If you are selling and moving off Island, I am happy to support you in repairs, design services, and of course real estate services to help you move forward.

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