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As an interior designer, I know that beautifully appointed spaces make a house a home. My goal is to empower sellers and inspire buyers by transforming homes into inviting, organic sanctuaries that enhance modern living.



When Interior Designers become Real Estate Agents & how we set your property above the rest

Undoubtedly the real estate market continues to change. Whether we are in a buyer’s or seller’s market it is important to understand the procedures & options available to you prior to listing your property. At eXp-The Agency Team Hawaii, our focus is on more than just getting you the best offer. It’s on maintaining a smooth transition throughout the closing process by addressing avoidable inspection issues, repairs, or services that may delay or prevent closing to occur. 

Together we will evaluate your immediate needs for the timeline, budget, and steps within the process of your move. After our initial call we will set up a day and time to view the property and conduct a pre-sale assessment. This is a no pressure conversation where you will have as much time as you need to ask me all the questions or concerns you may have. In return I will provide you with a general scope of updates or repairs if applicable, a breakdown of our contracts, and points of attention to bring you the most value. 


Should you wish to move forward I will then provide you with a fully itemized quote on costs (if applicable), 2D &3D renderings (if applicable), materials specifications (if applicable) & schedule a contract signing. None of my clients are obligated to work with my company, Horizon Homes LLC for Interior Design Services. Each Property is unique, and the process may not require these services at all. I do, however, only work exclusively as an Interior Designer for my clientele within real estate. I do this to avoid overbooking within the general public. 

Selling property can be a complex and emotionally driven process. Having sold many beautiful, hard to part with homes, I understand firsthand how hard that can be. Thankfully I have continued to follow proven sales procedures that have allowed these properties to meet up with amazing new owners. As you may know, not all offers are equal some can meet at the same price point but can present two fully separate scenarios. It is my job to represent you in the best outcome overall while using firm negotiation techniques. 

As far as marketing your property, our team has an international media reach and strong local presence within the State. We use all the traditional real estate media platforms like drones, magazines, social media, but also have access into other resources within Designer networks and much more. 

It all starts with a conversation. Let us help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your next journey.



Imagine the possible outcomes you could have if your agent is also an experienced Interior Designer.

In all my years in real estate and Interior Design I seldom hear “it’s perfect as is, let’s move in”. Even the most beautifully finished homes require a bit of work. It is my objective to guide you to make the most informed decision with your new home. 

As we get to know each other I will learn more about your lifestyle and what drives your success. I will help you select and screen subject properties until we find something that fits. When you find a property that works for you, I will help you put together a compelling offer. During the closing process we will work closely to ensure that your needs and the lender’s are met. Once an offer is accepted, I will provide you with a detailed outline of these items. After you close on your new home “congratulations!” We will order any finishes or other items and get started on whatever repairs or updates apply. 

There is no obligation to work with me as a Designer or the affiliate companies I partner with. Should you require any repairs or updates you will be provided with a detailed estimate, scope or work, contracts, 2D & 3D drawings, materials specifications sheet, mood boards, any and all that apply.

To maintain a healthy work/life balance, design services are offered exclusively to my buyer and seller clients. Should you be interested in design services outside of our real estate service, I have multiple referrals I would be happy to connect you with.

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Before & After

Browse through the beautiful transformations we’ve made to properties.

Before & After

Browse through the beautiful transformations we’ve made to properties.

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Brittney empowers sellers and inspires buyers to seek their full potential within their real estate goals. It is our goal to inspire you to see more than what’s in front of you. To unlock the true potential of your project. Let’s bring your dream renovation to life. Connect & let's find out what's on your horizon.

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